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Our team is ready to tackle any job to ensure that your home is setup to suit your needs. We take satisfaction in bringing you ease and comfort, all with a simple push of a button. With today’s technologies we are confident that we can find the solution that you are looking for.

Specializing in:

Structured Wiring

Structured wiring includes all low voltage wiring in a home, including internet, phone, cable, or satellite, as well as additional cabling required for audio/video distribution and control systems. Typically all the wiring is “home run” to the main equipment and demarcation point, which is often in the basement or mechanical room.

Home Theatres and Surround Sound

Home theatres and Surround Sound can include something as simple as a Smart TV with five small speakers, to a dedicated, acoustically controlled room including a projector, motorized screen, high powered speakers, and a subwoofer. Individual tastes and expectations vary widely here, and we’ll work closely with the client to ensure their experience meets their expectations no matter how simple or complex.

Multiroom Audio/Video Distribution

Multiroom Audio/Video distribution systems provide the ability to distribute audio and video sources throughout your home from a centralized location. For example, you may have 4 TV’s, two digital cable boxes, and one media streaming device (i.e., Apple TV). A video distribution system would allow you to watch either of the two cable boxes or the media player from any TV in the house. The cable boxes and media player could be located in a central location, or anywhere you like for easy access. The audio distribution system works the same way- typically with speakers mounted in the ceiling or wall.


With a growing list of connected devices in people’s homes, it is more important than ever to have proper networking installed. We can provide a solution as sophisticated as wiring the whole house together into a single, wired, high-speed network, or something as simple as installing wireless mesh access points throughout the home to expand wireless network coverage.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance typically includes enough cameras to cover the entry points into your home (doors and ground floor/basement windows) and a network video recorder to capture everything that happens 24/7. These systems also include off-site viewing, and automatically overwrite old footage after a week or more depending on the hard drive size.

Home Automation

All the advanced technology in the world isn’t much good if you need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. Automation brings all the systems in your home together in an easy to use interface. Don’t worry about which input the TV and receiver need to be on, just make a selection on your interface of choice, and everything happens automatically. Home automation interfaces typically come in the form of touch panels, phones, and tablets. Your TV can also become an interface with a small, very easy to use, handheld remote. Your home automation system can also control your lights, music, climate control, gas fireplaces, etc. Processes can also be programmed to occur via external triggers and timers to customize your experience further. If you can think of something you’d like the system to do, we can probably do it.

Sales & Installation of:

• In-wall/in-ceiling Speakers
• Smart TVs and Video Projectors
• Security Cameras and Network Video Recorders
• Smart Lighting Controls
• Networking Equipment
• Motorized Shading